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REPORT: コミュニケーションWS & CEX準備コースの報告 - Communication Workshop & CEX Prep Course
2014-05-24 Sat 17:08
Communication Workshop & CEX Prep Course
コミュニケーションWS & CEX準備コース

COM WS May 2014 - 04 COM WS May 2014 - 01 COM WS May 2014 - 03 
CEX Prep May 2014



REPORT on Communication Workshop & CEX Prep Course - コミュニケーションWS & CEX準備コースの報告

The second iExpansion project ”Communication Workshop/CEX Prep Course part 1″ was held on May 3 & 4 and the third day of the "CEX Prep Course part 2" on May 11. It was a lot of fun and ended with a great success!

Many participants thought they knew what communication is. But after learning the basic structure of the communication cycle and did exercises for each step, they realized for the first time how truly important the communication is as well as its steps, and it is not just verbal. It seems like they all became aware of many things about their communication and learned something. At the third say of the CEX Prep course, students learned about the advanced communication skills. It was a very full and exciting day.

The participants seemed to realized what kind of communication habits they have. It is wonderful to see the students noticing and learning about themselves.

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Communication Workshop
CEX Prep Course
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