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Currell Effect CD - カレルエフェクトCD
2013-08-25 Sun 20:31
Currell Effect CD Series ~ カレルエフェクトCDシリーズ

CE CD Set4 
Currell Effect Volume 1 – Disk I, II, III, IV
CE2 CD Set 
Currell Effect Volume 2 – Disk I, II, III, IV

オンラインショップ http://audiocybernetic.cart.fc2.com
The Currell Effect Volume 1 CD series were released together with our very first Currell Effect on Nov. 2012. Together with a launch of the Currell Effect version 2 on May 2013, we released 4 new CDs. The Currell Effect CD series are all improvised performance by Christopher Currell designed to connect the listeners to the universe by harmonic resonance of the quantum potential. Basically, the structure of the CDs are the same as CE sessions. These CDs allow you to experience CE sessions at home. 

The online store is only in Japanese. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing them.

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