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The First Discussion Group - 第1回ディスカッション会
2012-11-10 Sat 17:30

日時:2012年11月25日 18:30〜20:30
会場:レンタルスペース スリービー http://www.room-bbb.com
料金:一般 ¥3,500・メンバーはご招待
We will be holding a Discussion Group with Christopher on the last day of the Currell Effect Tokyo. People who have participated in the Currell Effect and those who have not participated yet probably have questions to ask him. It will be a very open discussion gathering. Hope to see you there.

Date: Nov. 25 (Sun), 2012 from 6:30〜8:30 pm
(Please come to the venue 15 minutes before the start time)
Location: Rental Space 3B http://www.room-bbb.com
Fee: ¥3,500, Members are fee of charge
Contact: tokyo_ce@ishwish.net
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