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About The Currell Effect - カレルエフェクトについて
2012-10-16 Tue 20:50
The Currell Effect
Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential

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About The Currell Effect
Christopher Currell has combined the knowledge and discoveries from over 25 years research into the nature of the human consciousness and vibration into an experience called “The Currell Effect.” These sessions are designed so that each person can connect to the universe and have his/her own hyper-dimensional experience from the harmonic resonance of the sound and music. Christopher's improvised music allows the participant to maintain a connection to the universe. The presentation of the Currell Effect utilizes high quality auditory display system. The Currell Effect is experienced in an intimate setting of private sessions consisting of one to ten people. We hope the participants will experience this repeatedly as part of their spiritual evolvement process since every performance and the experience will be different depending on the spiritual states they are in.

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