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Message from Christopher Currell - クリストファー・カレルからのメッセージ
2011-04-08 Fri 23:44
A Message To All Who Dare To Dream
Dream Catcher
"Dream Catcher"
The world is going through profound change. Our ways of living and thinking are changing rapidly. The current cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental systems are proving to be unsustainable. At the same time, newer more advanced knowledge from the forefront of science is also beginning to emerge. It is a paradigm shift in our thinking about the reality of the universe we live in. For the first time, science and spirituality are starting to find common ground. In addition, creativity and its importance to both science and spirituality, is becoming more understood. In fact, science, art and spirituality may be different faces of the same thing.

The waveform nature of reality as shown by advanced quantum mechanics gives us the potential to view our world in revolutionary new ways. By understanding this new view and its basic principals, the potential for truly new, exciting and sustainable visions of the future can unfold. Not only is it important that we have an understanding of this new view of reality but also its relationship to the mind. It is through mind by which we interpret our reality. Although comprehending this new paradigm shift can be challenging, I have found that sound and music is an excellent and comprehensible way of understanding this new view of reality.

The future of our planet and ultimately the expansion of our own consciousness rely on understanding the genuine nature of reality. A truly bright and sustainable future is going to require radical and evolutionary ways of thinking. I look forward to creating that future with you.

Infinite Possibilities
Christopher Currell
April 9, 2011




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