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Thoughts on Global Peace Meditation - グローバル・ピース・メディテーションの感想
2010-09-03 Fri 20:40
Whenever I set the Global Peace Meditation to sound, I feel the infinite joy of unity that is generated from all the participants around the world. This year was no exception, the infinite harmony of the universe was felt by all. During the meditation, I felt the vibration go to very high frequency. A high vibrational connection was made with the universe and the illusion of separateness dissolved into the infinite oneness which we are all a part. As one, we all resonated with the vibrations of peace and joy for all living things on this planet. I am sure that this vibration will continue to resonate and harmonize the vibrational distortion that is currently manifesting here on earth. Maybe all of us should create our own personal Global Peace Meditation for a few moments everyday. If all people of the earth could for a moment, dissolve the illusion of boundaries and separateness, peace could prevail on earth.

Infinite Harmony, Infinite Joy, Infinite Gratitud

Christopher Currell
May, 2010




SOPP 2010 Report
SOPP 2010報告

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