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SOPP 2010: Christopher Currell's Message - クリストファー・カレルのメッセージ
2010-08-07 Sat 11:32
Message on SOPP 2010 Program
SOPP 2010プログラムのメッセージ

Light is the creative source. The universe is an echo of the creative source...fundamentally a vibration. Everything is a result of a creative thought. The spiritual essence of man is interested in trying to understand the nature of the creative source. Science is about analyzing its results. Meditation stills the vibration long enough to perceive its source. Music is a process that resonates directly with the creative source. Meditations are pathways to consciousness. Sound illuminates the way.

May your travels be guided from the darkness into the light.

Christopher Currell 2010



クリストファー・カレル 2010年

SOPP 2010 Report
SOPP 2010報告

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