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ishwish "Meditations" worldwide release - "Meditations"CDのリリース発表!
2010-07-07 Wed 20:08
オンラインレコードレーベルのMagnatuneよりishwishの新しいCD "Meditations"がアメリカの独立記念日を機に全世界にリリースされました。そのプレス発表をお知らせします。

New ishwish CD "Meditations" was released worldwide on the Independence Day week in the US. Please see their press announcement.
Magnatune News

ishwish: transcendent ambient vibrations

Five musical/sound collages that are designed to resonate specifically with the human spirit and the universe. The harmonious interaction of spirit and sound sets free information that is contained within the vibration. This information holds the key to elevating consciousness.

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