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Report on the 3rd CEX - 第3回CEXの報告
2014-12-31 Wed 23:22
CEX system CEX3 staff 

REPORT- CEX 3 & CEXディスカッション会

今年最後のプロジェクトであるCEX東京3 & CEXディスカッション会のレポートと写真の記事を投稿しました。



REPORT CEX 3 & CEX Discussion Group
2014 was a very productive year. We started CEX and held new iExpansion workshops as well as a special project.

Please take a look at the report and photos on the last project for this year, CEX Tokyo 3 and the CEX Discussion Group.

The year 2014 was a wonderful year. We are very grateful for all the support we had. We will continue to expand our activities in 2015.

May year 2015 be filled with radiating light!✨
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