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Report: LOW2 “Space Opera” -「スペース オペラ」
2014-11-27 Thu 00:10

11月23日&24日に開催したライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 2「スペース オペラ - ヒストリー オブ ギャラクシー」は、とても素晴らしい宇宙学校のようなワークショップでした。



The Life Orientation Workshop 2 "Space Opera: A History of the Galaxy” was was a wonderful workshop. It was like a galactic school.

Information from Christopher always goes beyond people’s imagination and helps expend people’s awareness. Well...this workshop expanded even more! He gave a series of information one after another that blew participants’ preconceived ideas and/or fixed ideas, and the scale of the talk got bigger and bigger. The dates went back to quadrillion years ago and, for sure, it broadened the participants’ viewpoints and perspectives. We had few simple yet effective exercises as well. It was a wonderful and fun two days.

Please take a look at the report and photos from the Life Orientation Workshop 2 "Space Opera: A History of the Galaxy.”
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