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More Photos from WorldShift Osaka - ワールドシフト大阪の写真
2010-12-17 Fri 21:06
WorldShift Osaka Action Shot WorldShift Osaka 18 WorldShift Osaka more

More photos of Christopher's performance at WorldShift Osaka is uploaded on Plenum Void's website. Please take a look.

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Christopher Currell's Performance at WorldShift Osaka - ワールドシフト大阪でクリストファー・カレルの演奏
2010-11-26 Fri 01:20
WorldShift Osaka 08 WorldShift Osaka 06 WorldShift Osaka 17

Christopher's performance at WorldShift Osaka was a great success. The music started with a cosmic soundscape and gradually built up and climaxed with a rave type high energy groove. The vibration emanating from the sound and the graphics definitely reached people's hearts. Christopher looked amazing on stage in front of a large screen with animated CG synchronized with the music. The audience was drawn into the world of sound and light created by Christopher. Very mesmerizing!

Christopher also gave a talk mainly to a youth audience about the box that people in our society live in. His talk was not only about thinking outside the box but to remove the box. Then people will realize that they have infinite possibilities. We heard many wonderful feedbacks.



WorldShift Osaka 15 WorldShift Osaka 10 WorldShift Osaka 09
Photograph by Takuma Kishimoto
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Christopher Currell at WorldShift Osaka - ワールドシフト大阪で演奏
2010-11-01 Mon 22:22
Plenum Void performs at WorldShift Osaka

Plenum Void logo
Plenum Void Web Portal

Christopher Currell will appear as Plenum Void at WorldShift Osaka on Nov. 13 & 14. He will also participate as one of speakers on both days. WorldShift Osaka is a two day event organized by university students in Japan. It will be an ideal event for Plenum Void to make its debut. Below is the schedule for Plenum Void's performance and Christopher's talk.
Nov. 13 (Sat)
   10:30-10:45, Opening Performance @event hall
   16:00-17:30, Group Discussion @outdoor field
Nov. 14 (Sun)
   10:45-11:15, Presentation @event hall
   17:50-18:30, Closing Performance @event hall


WorldShift Osaka
Date: November 13 & 14, 2010
Time: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Location: Farm Expo in Osaka Expo Commemoration Park
Admission: Free (Outdoor Workshops and Exhibits)
Tickets: Presentation & Performance
   2,000 yen for 1 day, 3,000 yen for 2 days
   2,500 yen at the door if tickets are available
詳細はWorldShift Osakaのホームページをご覧ください。
Please visit WorldShift Osaka for more information (Japanese only).
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Highlights of SOPP 2010 - SOPP 2010のハイライト
2010-06-15 Tue 13:33
5月16日に行われたSOPP 2010の報告書がオーガナイザーのサイトにアップロードされました。是非ご覧ください。
SOPP 2010ハイライト

The highlights of the SOPP 2010 at Mt. Fuji is now available from the organizer's website.
SOPP 2010 Highlights
More SOPP Highlights
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More Photos from SOPP 2010 - クリストファー・カレル演奏の写真
2010-06-02 Wed 00:24
SOPP 2010のGlobal Peace Meditationでのishwishの写真を追加しました。クリックすると拡大できます。

More photos of ishwish performance at SOPP 2010 Global Peace Meditation. Please click the photos for enlarged view.

SOPP 2010 SOPP 5:16:2010 - 31 SOPP 2010
SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010
SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010
SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010
SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010 SOPP 2010
SOPP 2010 - 41 SOPP 2010 SOPP 5:16:2010 - 45

You can see more photos on ishwish's Facebook.
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ishwish (クリストファー・カレル) at SOPP 2010
2010-05-23 Sun 21:45
SOPP 2010-3   SOPP 2010-6   SOPP 2010-4

今年のSymphony Of Peace Prayersでのishwishの演奏も過去二年と同様に大変素晴らしいものでした。今年のテーマはMeditation(瞑想)だったため、今までよりもさらに高い宇宙の響きが自然や参加者と共鳴しながら屋外会場に響き渡りました。多くの参加者が「演奏中、宇宙から癒しと愛の光で包まれた」と光り輝く笑顔で語られておられたのが印象的でした。

May Peace Prevail On Earth

ishwish has been performing at the Symphony Of Peace Prayers at the foot of Mt. Fuji for the past two years. This year's theme for ishwish performance was "Meditation" and the whole outdoor venue was filled with cosmic vibrations resonating with nature and the participants. Many participants came to us with brilliantly radiating smile and told Chris that they were "surrounded by the light of healing and love from the universe during the performance." How wonderful!!

SOPP 2010-1   SOPP 2010-5   SOPP 2010-2
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