Welcome to ishwish blog site!
Welcome to ishwish blog! - ishwishブログにようこそ!
2010-04-27 Tue 18:16




Welcome to the ishwish official blog site!

Christopher Currell is a musician and an artist and ishwish is his project.

ishwish creates 'improvised music from the universe' to unite people's hearts and minds. The sound vibrations of ishwish are intended to be a journey through the universe, different times and dimensions. The journey ultimately begins and ends with you. Please enjoy!

ishwish team
ishwish official site
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2010-05-01 Sat 01:27 | #[ 内容変更]
★ Congratulations
Hi Chris and Lie san, Congratulations for opening your new blog. My computer had broken just this morning, so i just checked on my mobile. I am looking forward to check your new CD. (^o^) I am SOPP MC this year again, so i will be very happy see you there. Junko will be a flag bearer, so four of us will be all working together!
May our cosmic mission be accomplished
2010-05-02 Sun 21:53 URL | Yash & Junko #-[ 内容変更]
★ Ms
Lie-san and Chris,
Wow I love the stars! URSA MINOR (Koguma-Za)!
Polaris...very important star to find out where we are. Everytime I listen Chris' Music, I find it different or finding myself different?
I thank you very much for The Gate of Dawn!
Take care and see you soon!

Peace, peace and peace.
2010-05-03 Mon 14:57 URL | Sachiko Reis #-[ 内容変更]
★ Where are the Pleiades?
Are they visable on the star map?

I love this! It is so beautiful. Just like Chris's music.
Sending Peace, Love and Blessings,
2010-05-04 Tue 17:09 URL | Candida #7mzzlf0k[ 内容変更]
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